Our Company

The company emerges as a demonstration of ownership and responsibility to the region, a deep love and respect for farm work rooted in tradition and family values ​​of its founders.

AGUACATE.Imagen fija019A company that beyond economic performance, seeks to be a source of employment for the Region.

Established in December of 2010 with the opportunity to take advantage of the topography and the excellent climatic conditions of the region, in compliance with Colombian and international law.

We are committed to social development and environmental protection, with a highly qualified team.


Our Mission

A socially responsible company, producing and commercializing sustainably and specialized agricultural products with differential value to international and local distributors, obtaining outstanding results with improved lifestyle for our workers and their families that also take care of our local natural environment.

Our Vision

For 2017, we will be a company that produce and commercialize both nationally and internationally with certifications for its products; Turning into a renown business model, known for its sustainability, social and innovative processes, that builds strategies to strengthen our commercial offer so we can enter new markets and achieve greater commitments to both our workers and our clients.

What we do

Why working with Us?

Our quality standards and careful proccesses, guided both by professional and traditional knowledge, allow us to bring you a product of superior qualities.

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