Our Farms


From the heart of Colombia to the world HATO LA MACANA is established in December of 2010 with the opportunity to take advantage of the topography and the excellent climatic conditions of Quindío. The company emerges as a demonstration of ownership and responsibility to the region, a deep love and respect for farm work rooted in tradition and family values ​​of its founders. Committed to social development and environmental protection, with a highly qualified team.




The company has in total 250 hectares in the “Coffee Growing Axis“ with Coffee, Banana and Avocados. Currently AguaHass has two farms with Avocado Hass: MESOPOTAMIA located in the main city Armenia with 6.000 trees on 25 hectares and CAMPO HERMOSO with 10.000 trees on 55 hectares.  The quality of the product and traceability is guaranteed by GlobalGAP certification.  In Addition, the company also grows a substancial amount of green skin fruit such as Lorena and Booth. By developing a wider portfolio of products, the company aims to make products competitive in the most demanding markets.

With a geographical position that is closer to the European and North American markets than other South American competitors, low labor costs and a plentiful supply of water, Colombia’s fruit industry has much in its favor. And particularly AguaHass‘s  main strenght is to market the majority of its avocado outside of the traditional peak period. We take great care in producing the fruit to their customers’ full satisfaction.